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                                        Welcome to OneVision World


    Innovative, impressive and pioneering marketing technologies. Years ahead of the current developments, OneVision World is the benchmark when it comes to unmatched concepts in communication, marketing and development of sustainable business models.
    We already are in the future. Online and offline … BE A PART OF IT




    Reinventing communication? Is that possible? Yes, definitely. SmartMessenger establishes a new dimension in personal and business communications.

    Unique tools are the foundation of the incredible effectiveness of this development. News of any kind, with a 100% guaranteed visibility, guarantee messaging in the simplest form, combined with the opportunity of generating new income streams. Sending of banner advertising, banner newsletters, video messaging and files make the overall picture impressively perfect.

    SmartMessenger is setting a milestone and standards of tomorrow.




    Conventional price comparisons belong at the IT scrapyard. Intelligent tracking of users‘ queries turn smart shopping into an entirely new shopping experience.

    SmartShopper recognizes search engine queries and delivers „just in time“ alternatives for the „best price“.

    A tremendous customer loyalty and automated affiliate commissions are the focus of this technical masterpiece. Integrated password generator, data security and the best prices online as well as vouchers belong to SmartShopper.

    SmartShopper is completely free and that is the reason for his genius.




    This affiliate tool allows publishers and entrepreneurs to promote the TOP brands of the world. If it wasn’t possible for you to organize hundreds of thousands of brands and generating income up to now, you now have the BEST tool in your possession to do so.

    Our SmartAffiliate combines the largest platforms to a unique collection of the best and most lucrative affiliate deals.

    As entrepreneur, you now have the chance to spread your own products and services once your offer is searched for.

    Millions of users can now find and use or order your offers.

    The world of affiliates has grown by a giant component…

    In our affiliate database we combine the best of the best. For you, this means a stable and steadily growing income.

    Straight to your goal

    OneVision World is not simply a new way. OneVision World builds own streets. Are you joining us in the world of new communication?

    Safe new ways

    Sustainable, lucrative networking is our vision. We know the way while others are still searching. Do we meet at the goal?

    Connecting worlds

    Connecting the online and the offline world and vice versa. For many, this is a feat. May we show you how it works?


    Passive income is and does not remain a dream. Don’t chase the money. Learn perfect networking and online business. It's all prepared.

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